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Why Join Must Motivate?

Must Motivate is a place where users share their own experiences in order to influence others, and a safe space where people can go to find balance in their own lives.


Meet New People all over the World

It's a platform that involves helping people with their work/life balance. physical health, mental health, personal and professional growth, create a positive space for energy & assisting them being an influencer to what they need.


MM helps you find people with your same interests

Must Motivate is a online community platform offering mental health and physical well-being resources, Business mentoring, Addiction sponsorship, Providing guidance surrounding anxiety and depression.

Communication is the key to Growth

We generate PURPOSE for users based on their personalities

  • Allow users to help others

    Become an influencer by helping others on the things you are passionate about.

  • Helps improve personal life balance

    Everyone has categories of their life that need a little more help than others. Through Must Motivate you will find your strengths and get help with the areas you rank lower in. You will receive a suggested network based on your strengths and weaknesses.