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What is Must Motivate?

Motivation & Self Improvement

Must Motivate provides you with the tools to maximize your physical and mental health. And right from day 0, this has been our goal. Our goal to inspire and motivate individuals to motivate and stay motivated. Connecting people together and helping people achieve their dreams.

Health Connect

Health Optimization

Congratulations on the first step of becoming the best possible version of you

The Health Optimization segment is carefully designed to improve the quality of your health and mind. The feature supports various premium health monitoring devices and applications which helps you keep a close eye on the body vitals along with the progress you've made towards the optimized health.

  • Track all your Goals & Habits in one place.
  • Get organized and track anything you want to build the perfect routine.
  • Stay motivated with charts and reminders to achieve your goals.
  • Track anything you want…any way you want.
DNA Report
Join Us for Get DNA Report
Upload your raw DNA data to Generate Report
There are some sample traits that you can learn from the analysis. More interesting traits and insights are on the way, Share with your health coach for data-driven results.
Resource Features
Join us in changing your life and those around you
We can all make the world a better place by helping others, and we all have something to give. Our paths have all been different and the knowledge we gain during our journeys should be shared to help others in need.

Some must have been inspired by a Book read or recommended. Share your Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble books with your connections.

Audio or Video

The visual information is retained well-read information, allows you to share information in form of videos to audios, podcasts, speeches & shows to lectures.

Meditation, Motivational, Blogging

You can also access the entire library of motivational videos, blogs and meditation patterns of our connections in the feed


The inspiring pool of the app is wide enough to accommodate healthy and essential supplements, Vitamins, Diets, Foods/Recipes recommended by the experts and followed by the enthusiast.

Become an influencer

Challenges and Wings

Challenges help people make smart changes and build healthy habits. Ready to take a challenge and your life to the next level?

Participate and create your challenges and earn wings particularly designed for promoting wellness. The more wings you earn, the higher you will rank within the network increasing the number of users you can influence!

'Wings' prepares you to win the day, every day.
Support and guidance

How it works

You can get ongoing support and guidance from a tutorial when you sign up for online app.

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MustMotivate is a place you can help each other with positive and influential posts in a social network designed for promoting wellness. Earn wings and make a difference!

  • It all starts with one idea, one motivation.
  • Collaborate Anywhere and Everywhere4.